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I went on two trips with eduventures. Last year I went on the Hawaii trip and a few weeks ago I went to Costa Rica. It's a shame I just graduated because there are so many more destinations I want to visit with eduventures. My sister traveled to Costa Rica with me and we had a very unique experience from our typical family vacations. Everyday is planned out, morning to evening filled with activities that only an experienced travel agent would be able to find and book. Eduventures gave us the chance to really experience the real culture and to see a lot of the country. We often moved around staying in different hotels allowing us to take advantage of all the country offered. It was awesome traveling with other students and teachers. All the kids become good friends by the end of the trip. The teachers that to are some of the coolest teachers and are always a lot of fun. It was really great I'm so glad I got to go on these trips. I would totally recommend seeing a new part of the world with eduventures.
-Alicja K.

My son went on the Costa Rica trip with Edu-Ventures this year and had a wonderful experience. He loved the outdoor adventure, the wildlife, the natural beauty, the people, the food, the company of his roommates and peers, the trip leaders and local guides. He had a great time and learning experience on the three-day extension, where he helped on a research project at a field laboratory. While there were some inconveniences and delays in travel while in Costa Rica, these were due to accidents and unforeseen circumstances, and not with the planning or coordination of the tour. Communication with the planners as well as information provided was excellent. We were continuously updated and entertained with great pictures and comments on social media. I would not hesitate to send my son on another trip with Edu-Ventures. Their choice of destinations is so appealing my wife and I wish we could go ourselves.
-Paul D.

“My daughter just returned from a trip to Spain with Edu-Ventures. She had a wonderful experience and thoroughly enjoyed this trip....her only complaint was that it wasn't long enough! As a parent I felt it was extremely organized, the chaperones were wonderful and were in contact via twitter sending pictures and updates. I would highly recommend this and wouldn't hesitate sending her on another adventure”
-Kathy H.

“My daughter went with Edu-Ventures to Costa Rico this past June and had the time of her life. She is now looking forward to future trips with the team. As a parent, I felt comfortable sending my child with Edu-Ventures because of their experience in the education field, constant communication before the trip, and their organization. She told me that the chaperones and hotel staff wouldn't let them get away with anything and they had to follow strict curfews, and I appreciate that level of care.”
-Ted C.

“My daughter had a wonderful experience with Eduventures. There was constant communication that provided accurate information through email and Twitter. She had the best time and experience of a lifetime. She loved all the tours and experiencing all the wonderful sites.”
-Mishel D.

“Eduventures provided my daughter with a wonderful experience. Communication was consistent and accurate. Loved the twitter feed and facebook pics. I would totally consider sending my daughter on another trip next year.”
-Janice R.

“My daughter just can back from her trip to Spain with Edu-Ventures and she absolutely LOVED IT!! The chaperones were great...I thought it was really nice that they updated the twitter feed occasionally with some pictures to let us know where they were visiting for the day. It really kept us feeling in touch. My daughter thought the tours were awesome. An all-around great experience!! She thanked us for the trip but we want to thank Edu-Ventures for the vacation she will never forget!!”
-Diana B.

“Great communication! Loved all the Twitter & Facebook updates of the trip. Was impressed with the chaperones, itineraries and execution of trip. Would definitely consider sending my son on another trip!”
-Nicole A.

“I just wanted to let you know that I had an absolute blast in Costa Rica!! It was honestly the best 10 days of my life with all the different activities we did, the sights we saw and people I met. It was truly a wonderful experience and I would like to thank you for making this trip happen. I learned a lot and it was an awesome trip to take after graduating high school. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to visit the beautiful country along with assisting in research in the rainforest. How cool is that?? This to me was the trip of a lifetime and I hope I will get to go back someday. Bonding with strangers (who are now friends) and overcoming obstacles (like being stuck on the bus for 4 hours) really helped me become a better and more independent person. I already miss the teachers and new friends I made on this trip. Hopefully we will all meet again someday in the near future. By donating clothes to victims of the flood, I felt like I was truly making a difference in a country that wasn't even my own and it felt great. It was such a privilege to experience the culture and wildlife that are unfamiliar to us in the U.S. Thank you again for giving me truly the trip of a lifetime. I will never forget all the memories we made (I have so many stories to tell!) Costa Rica will forever be my second home and the teachers and friends I made will always be like family to me. I plan on visiting again someday. Please continue to make trips like this happen! Best Wishes! PURA VIDA!!”
-Alyssa Carl

“My child has gone on three trips with Edu-Ventures and has had a terrific experience each time. As a parent, I have been impressed with the chaperones, itineraries, communication and execution of each adventure. We can't wait to see what Edu-Ventures offers over the next few years!”
-Jeanne D.

I must say to you and certainly let others know—that her EDUCATIONAL TRAVEL with your organization—has reflected diversity, team work, leadership and on and on---
IT LOOKS GREAT on her applications for the Academy, Air Force ROTC, , Loyola, Citadel, Pace, Iona, Manhattan College and the University of Tampa——all of which she was accepted to-
In the interviews she is asked about her travels-----please do not stop this opportunity to the youth of Mahopac High School!
-Anthony and Karen Delduco, parents

I just wanted to thank you all for taking the kids on a trip of a life time – one that will always be remembered! Riley had a fantastic time. My 8th grader is already looking forward to it!!! 
-Kristen Diebold, Parent

Hi, thanks again for doing these trips with our kids. They are truly
amazing and the kids will cherish these memories for the rest of their lives. 
-Donna Ilardi, Parent

I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done to provide a wonderful trip for these kids. Matt had such a wonderful time and can't stop talking about it. He is already talking about Ireland next year? Enjoy the rest of your summer!
-Karen Smith, Parent

Alaska was one of the best experiences of my life. I befriended new people and learned how to travel. Sightseeing helped me appreciate the part of our country that we don’t see everyday-it’s absolutely beautiful, simple, and well preserved. I now love hiking after hiking in Alaska’s national parks. Everything about this trip was amazing and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to go. Many thanks to the chaperones! 
-Shelby, Student

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